Indiara Sfair

Graduated at the School of Fine Arts of Paraná, musician and composer Indiara Sfair was born in the city of Curitiba, in the south of Brazil, and has been working in several projects in the Blues and Jazz scene in the country.

The harmonica is her main instrument and she started playing it in the Double Blues project, a duo of Blues, with Ricardo Maranhão ( Today, she’s part of two other noteworthy bands, Milk’n Blues and Tic Tac Joe, which have gained both national and international visibility. Both bands released their first albums in 2015.

As a solo instrumentist, Indiara participated in various forums, fairs and conferences such as the first Expo Harmônica do Brasil in São Paulo, São Bento do Sul Music Festival in Santa Catarina and Fórum Harmônicas Brasil in Ceará. She’s also participated in the albums of many musicians and concerts of great names such as Kenny Brown, Mud Morganfield (son of legendary Mud Waters) and Lurrie Bell.
With Milk’n Blues ( Indiara played at several local and national TV shows and at festivals such as Lupalluna, International Ilha Blues Festival, Curitibano Blues Festival, Festival de Blues de Londrina and Manguinhos Jazz e Blues Festival.

For the past three years, she’s been playing with the traditional Orquestra Harmônicas de Curitiba, a 37-year-old orchestra of harmonicas. Directed by renowned harmonica player and Indiara’s former tutor Benê Chiréia, the orchestra is the only one of its kind in all latin America.

Indiara uses no distortion when playing the harmonica, as she prefers the clean sound of wood bodied instruments that have a precise response, a bright timbre and good attack, such as the Marine Band model by Hohner.

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