Peace in simple steps


John Lennon preached peace , fighting wars that have never had a justification . Many suffered innocently . Many soldiers were forced to go to war . Commanders of the dialectical world, we live in the alternations of war and peace , make us pawns , puppets . The people are driven by waves of information , tirades against something or someone .

What is this peace that so many argue . Pay attention to you and a basic question: are you jealous of someone or something. See how it starts with the simplest . This and the issue . you will react and that’s a problem .

Peace starts within us and not outside , externally. If silenciarmos our being we are living symbols of Peace

DAG Hammarskjold was Secretary General of the UN. If you visit the place where the UN is located across the street has a square named after the DAG . D also a silent room that he created and live in retirement. He tried to preach as Lennon Peace was a difficult period and need of these same men who brought a message of liberation .

See what Dag said :
“Your personal life can have no lasting and specific sense . She may just have a sense , indirectly , when it binds and undergoes something lasting that has a meaning in itself. Would be what we mean when we talk about life ? Your life can have any meaning as fragment of Life ? If life exists ? Lose yourself in it , and you will experience . If life has meaning ? Experience Life as a reality , and find a meaningless question . Lose yourself in it is making the leap and refer you to her unreservedly. Dare jump when the challenge presents itself , because you can not see the double jump but in light of this challenge and do not expect intuitively the choice of turning your back to your personal life without having the right to look back . Perceive then you are free from the stereotype of the life of the flock . Perceive that your existence , the subordinares to Life , takes all its meaning regardless of where it is located . that freedom , if thou lettest all, by offering repeated thee every moment gives acuity and purity of your awareness of reality . It is here of self-realization . Perceive that the submission will be active continuously renewed , and that reduces to nothing every time we allow our individual lives slip in some degree , to the center of our attention … ”
Pentagram magazine , 2006 issue 3 ( editing on Unity of the World)

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