O Cadillac ainda é o carro dos sonhos dos americanos?

O Cadillac já surgiu e fez sucesso, nunca perdeu sua majestade, apesar da concorrência do Lincoln Continental da Ford. E atualmente tem muito mais concorrentes.

Vejam os modelos mais bonitos da Cadillac já lançados:

1908 Cadillac  It was essentially the first production car with truly interchangeable standardized parts, and that was a breakthrough in 1908. After demonstrating this interchangeability in Great Britain, Cadillac won the Dewar Trophy from the Royal Automobile Club. That win inspired the "Standard of the World" slogan that has stuck with Cadillac ever since.

1930–1940 V-16 Series 452 and Series 90 For 11 model years, Cadillac contended for the title of the greatest car on Earth with the utterly spectacular V-16. That's a full 16 cylinders of smooth, easygoing luxury engine, and four more cylinders than any Packard could claim. Built in severely limited numbers, and usually only to special order, the 1930–1937 Series 452 V-16 (or simply "Sixteen") was defined by its stupendous 7.4-liter 45-degree vee 16-cylinder engine making 165 hp. The bodies these cars wore often came from coachbuilders who built sweeping, grand designs. The 1938–1940 Series 90 used a new 7.1-liter 185-horsepower V-16 with a wide 135-degree vee between the cylinder banks to add even more grandeur.

1953 Eldorado Available only as a convertible, the first Eldorado was Cadillac's glamour car for the '50s. Based on the Series 62 convertible, it sported Cadillac's first wraparound windshield, a provocative dip along its beltline, and a metal cover that concealed the convertible top when it was down. Power came from the same 5.4-liter V-8 that powered all Cadillacs that year. At $7750, the Eldorado was $2000 more expensive than the second most expensive new Cadillac of the time. No surprise, then, that only 532 were made for '53.

1959 Eldorado With its monstrous tail fins, massive chrome bumpers, and ridiculous dimensions, the '59 Eldorado convertible is for many the ultimate Cadillac. But it takes an ironic eye to call the '59 Cadillacs great. In reality they were blundering, overweight, bizarrely styled, and insanely inefficient. Terrible by any rational measure of what a car should be. That said, it's an awful car that's easy to love. After all, its looks are iconic symbols of a confident American car industry that celebrated excess for the sheer joy of excess. Sometimes, after all, lousy is exactly what a Cadillac should be.

1975–1980 Seville The Seville was Cadillac's play to regain buyers it lost to Mercedes and BMW in the mid-'70s. Basically a stretched Chevy Nova with a fuel-injected Oldsmobile 5.7-liter V-8 engine under its hood, the Seville couldn't have been more mechanically ordinary. But the body was perfectly proportioned, the interior appointed with some real style, and the detailing was perfect. Although the Seville was the most expensive Cadillac, it sold well. Unfortunately, Cadillac didn't learn much from this experience and replaced this Seville with an awkward front-driver in '81.

Cadillac dos Cadillacs?



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O Cadillac dos Cadillacs?

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